Education for adults in Ladakh, Himalaya
It is an aid project set up on a private basis and allows education for adults, as well as schooling during the winter months for students and children.
Since the opening of the tourism in the year 1974, people are in front of the ever-increasing challenge to integrate the modernization in their culture. It is an objective and desire of the village population, in addition to general education, to preserve the ancient Ladakhi tradition.

Philosophy and objectives
The „Education for adults in Ladakh, Himalaya" project considers it important that the village inhabitants support it. With their “Felt Flowers” project, the women of the village provide a financial contribution.

The villagers assist in furnishing the school room. Close cooperation with the local „Women’s Alliance of Ladakh" and the „LEDeg" (Ladakh Ecological Development) organizations is being pursued. This cooperation is aimed at providing the basic structures for the free and wide-reaching development of individual personalities in their social and cultural environments.


I am engaged in this very promising educational project in Ladakh because I am impressed by this ancient, traditional culture. I am very pleased to put the possibilities for providing support which we have here at the project’s disposal.

I place considerable value on the regular exchange of information with the project management. Once a year I go to India for several weeks in order to obtain an impression of the actual situation on site and to maintain personal contact.

The meaning of Lungta
Lungta means „windhorse“ and it has it’s origins in the Tibetan-buddhistic cultural region. The „windhorse“ is usually printed on flags with prayers which are made of fabric. All buddhistic Himalayan regions are familiar with them. Bright and colourful, these prayer flags sway gently in the wind for the benefit oder „good“ of all humans all over the world. These Tibetan prayer flags are omnipresent in the region including Ladakh. The people of Ladakh call them „Dar-Chok“. Dar meaning „to increase life, happiness, health and prosperity“ and Chok stands for „all living organisms“.

In context, Lungta really refers to the cultural elements in the Ladakhi region. The project „Adult education“ aims at maintaining the lively but ancient Ladakhi culture in our ever-changing highly modernized life.


local team

  Lobzang Rinchen

on-site project leader
works in the Kalthse and Leh administration

  Stanzin Mingyur

is engaged in schooling in the village and lives with his familiy in Youlchung

  Sonam Dolma

manages working materials

  Sonam Dolma und Stanzin Jangdol


  Disket Dolma

village speaker and contact person for Lobzang